Personality questionnaires

"Young man, we hire people because of their knowledge and experience, but we fire them because of their personality."

(Nußbaum & Neumann, 1995)

Objectivity of HR processes is the main aim of the Hogrefe tools which are presented in this section. Most of these tools are designed specifically for use in the context of HR selection and development processes.

Without an objective approach towards these recruitment processes, results will vary greatly depending on how, when and by whom the assessment is carried out. By standardising the testing process, psychometrics can provide reliable data, and result in better decision-making.

The objectivity of HR processes is important not only for employers, but also employees. When using Hogrefe’s psychometric tools, the conditions for all applicants/respondents are identical thanks to the standardised and structured evaluation process.

Please, find the catalogue of the Russian tests by Hogrefe here.

Business-focused Inventory of Personality (BIP)

Authors of the original German version: R. Hossiep and M. Paschen in collaboration with O. Mühlhaus
Author of the Russian adaptation: Ivan Senin

Area of application:
The BIP has been developed for use in the field of human resource management (personnel selection, training and development, coaching and career counselling.

General aspects: 
The BIP is an effective tool for assessing the personality traits which are key to professional success. The questionnaire includes fourteen scales arranged into four conceptual domains: Occupational Orientation, Occupational Behaviour, Social Competencies, and Psychological Constitution. Along with the self-report form, an observer rating questionnaire has also been developed; the combination of these two forms makes it possible to compare test takers’ perceptions of themselves with the way others perceive them.

Duration (BIP Self-Rating): 45 min (210 items)

Duration (BIP Observer-Rating): 13 min (42 items)

The BIP is available to HTS 5 users in Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Russian and Slovak.

The paper-pencil version of the questionnaire as well as the test manual are available in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish.

NEW: A narrative report is now available in English for the Russian BIP.

Business-focused Inventory of Personality - 6 Factors (BIP-6F)

Authors of the original German version: R.Hossiep, C. Krüger
Author of the Russian adaptation: I.Senin

Area of application:
The BIP-6F is an indispensable tool for assessing personality traits which play an important role in an individual's professional life. It is frequently used in the areas of psychology, human resource management, professional aptitude assessment, team development, coaching, counselling for professional development and for career growth. The BIP-6F is also used in research projects in I/O psychology. Given its relatively short length, the questionnaire is suitable for staggered and mass-selection processes, as well as instances where test takers have limited time due to the need to complete other assessments. Evaluating and interpreting the results is quick, and so the tool is frequently used in assessment centres and staff development workshops.

General aspects:
The BIP-6F is an efficient questionnaire, particularly in analyzing the following six personality traits (dispositions): Commitment, Discipline, Social Competence, Cooperation, Dominance, Stability. Each of the test dimensions evaluates the respective personality disposition with eight items that are formulated as personal statements. The self-observed personal compliance with these statements is evaluated by the respondents on a six-point scale.

The test taker will need about 10 minutes for 48 items of the questionnaire. For reading the instructions one might need 5 more minutes. Therefore, the total time of the testing comprises up to 15 minutes.

*The Russian and the English versions of the instrument are in development. BIP-6F is available in German language in the Hogrefe Testsystem.

Achievement Motivation Inventory (AMI)

Authors of the original German version: H.Schuler, M. Prochaska and A.Frintrup
Author of the Russian adaptation: Ivan Senin

Area of application:
Personnel selection, potential analysis, professional counselling, personnel development, profiling, sports psychology, personality research.

General aspects:
The Achievement Motivation Inventory (AMI) is a personality inventory designed to measure a broad construct of work-related achievement motivation. It is founded on the research carried out for development of the German «Leistungsmotivationsinventar (LMI)» questionnaire (Schuler & Prochaska, 2001), and enables users to test candidates for 17 different facets of achievement motivation. The theoretical conception of this test is based upon all common conceptualisations of the construct but for the first time integrates relevant social motives into a test measuring the construct of achievement motivation as well. Thus, in addition to traditional scales, e.g. Confidence in Success or Persistence, scales such as Dominance or Status Orientation are integrated in the AMI. The AMI consists of 170 items, for which respondents provide their answers on a 7-point-Likert scale.

Duration: 35 minutes to read the instructions and answer the questionnaire’s 170 items

The computer-based version of AMI is available in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian and Russian. The paper-pencil version can be taken in Czech, English, Polish and Romanian.