Leadership Judgement Indicator – Standard (LJI-2)

Authors of the original English version: M. Lock and R. Wheeler
Author of the Russian adaptation: Ivan Senin

Area of application:
Personnel development, development of managers, training and coaching of managers, assessment of managers, leadership research.

General aspects:
Those in leadership roles frequently face complex situations which require quick and effective solutions. Not only do they have to properly assess the situation, but also manage colleagues and their team skilfully. The advantage of the measurement approach used by the LJI-2 is that the respondent is being asked to actually demonstrate their level of leadership wisdom through the questionnaire. The responses are scored for correctness in terms of achieving desirable business outcomes in specific situations.

Made up of 16 different decision-making scenarios, the LJI requires the respondent to rate the appropriateness of various courses of action in responding to each challenge. The scenarios have been developed on the basis of the principles underpinning leadership theory, which identify four major leadership styles (directive, consultative, consensual and delegative). Respondents assess the applicability of each of the four approaches to the situation described on a five point scale. The four approaches to the situations correspond to the management decision-making model which is the basis for the test.

The results of the test are processed automatically by Hogrefe Testsystem 5. In addition to the graphical report, the user receives a narrative report based on the test takers’ individual results. 

Approximately 40 minutes (16 scenarios).

The computer-based version is available in English, German and Russian. The paper-pencil version can be purchased in Czech, English, French and German.