“Psychological assessment is psychology’s major contribution to everyday life.”
Hogan & Roberts

Search and selection of personnel is one of the most important tasks nowadays for a company, and likewise choosing a professional activity is often one the most important decisions that employees have to make in their life.

The quality of these decisions, both for employer and employee, depends greatly on the recruitment methods used by the company. Aside from professional skills and competencies, each job or role requires certain personal qualities and abilities that determine the success of an individual in a particular position.

High-quality psychometric tools are the simplest and most effective means of assessing the key professional qualities and abilities.

Hogrefe Publishing offers a wide range of tests to assess intelligence, abilities and crucial personal qualities, including leadership.

Hogrefe tests...

  • are scientifically approved and correspond to the requirements of the German Institute for Standardisation;
  • offer objective, reliable and valid information about respondents;
  • are standardised for several norm groups as well as for representative national samples;
  • significantly improve the quality of personnel selection and facilitate staff evaluation;
  • are simple and effective in use;
  • can be incorporated into the recruitment process at the earliest stages of selection.

The systematic application of psychometric tools from Hogrefe in the process of staff selection and development can have the following positive effects:

  • reduced staff turnover
  • increased employee productivity
  • improved efficiency, quality and speed of decision-making in recruitment
  • remote assessment of candidates/applicants
  • significant cost savings as a result of all of these.

In our case studies section, you can read about the results of applying Hogrefe’s methods to solve management problems in companies in a variety of sectors (telecoms, transport, education).