The development of Russian versions of Hogrefe tests and methods is coordinated from the company’s headquarters in Göttingen, Germany. In addition to the German head office, there are ten branches of Hogrefe Publishing House across Europe, as well as in the United States and Brazil. The Publishing House’s portfolio includes over 900 psychometric tests, 48 magazines and 2,500 books. Hogrefe is known as a successful, reliable and growing company that has been family-owned and managed for more than 65 years.

Representations of the Hogrefe Group

Göttingen – Hogrefe Verlag
Bern – Hogrefe Verlag
Vienna – Hogrefe Austria
Oxford – Hogrefe Ltd.
Boston – Hogrefe Publishing
Prague – Hogrefe-Testcentrum
Paris – Editions Hogrefe France
Amsterdam – Hogrefe Uitgevers
Copenhagen – Hogrefe Psykologisk Forlag
Stockholm – Hogrefe Psykologiförlaget
Oslo – Hogrefe Psykologiförlaget
Florence – Hogrefe Editore
Helsinki – Hogrefe Psykolgien Kustannus
São Paulo – Editora Hogrefe CETEPP