Hogrefe Consulting draws on the experience of 65 successful years, during which time Hogrefe Publishing House and the Testzentrum have established themselves as highly competent partners for HR professionals in the field of scientifically-validated aptitude, personality and ability testing.

The company’s presence in 11 European countries, USA and Brazil clearly demonstrates the international reach of the group. The new Hogrefe Consulting division now extends and strengthens the range of services offered by the Hogrefe Group, combining a unique portfolio of empirically-based assessment tools with high-quality consultancy services that cover all aspects of staff selection and development.

Test Consultancy

Choosing and applying assessment tools that are precisely tailored to meet your needs.

Test Training/ Qualification

Learn to apply a variety of assessment methods professionally, reliably and effectively.

Selection Processes

How to effectively design selection processes and to obtain the greatest benefit from valid results when making selection decisions about talented individuals.

Development Processes

Quickly recognise and effectively develop the potential and competencies of talented individuals, specialists and managers within your company.

Organizational Assessment

Evaluate the climate and commitment within the organisation, analyse patterns of communication and behaviour, develop teams.

You can find more detailed information on Hogrefe Consulting at: www.hogrefe-consulting.com.

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E-mail: consulting@hogrefe.de
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